Handmade accessories for your best mate

"Slothin Around" Collar


Brand FurMate

Roses are red, violets are blue. Let me be a couch potato or I'll LICK you!

Is your puppers hardest daily decision should I sit down and do nothing or should I lay down and do nothing? 

This sloth inspired accessory is the ultimate gift to any doggo that thinks their spirit animal is a sloth. 

Size Guide

    Collar Size

    Neck Size Range

    Extra Small

     7-11" / 17cm – 28 cm


    10-15"/ 25cm – 35cm


    12-19"/ 30cm – 48 cm


    15-24"/ 25cm – 61cm

    Extra Large

    17-29"/ 43cm – 73cm



    We recommend gently hand washing our fabric products in warm gentle soapy water (no harsh soaps). Products should be hung up to air dry or laid flat to dry.

    Please do not bleach or tumble dry. 

    We use a waterproofing/stain proof spray to help your new handmade accessory looking like new for longer – after several washes you may wish to re-apply!

    To help keep your Furmate accessories looking new for longer, we recommend removing for rough play dates, swimming and dirty adventures! 

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