Handmade accessories for your best mate

"Fineapple" Dogdana


Brand FurMate

The Fineapple, is a turdy perennial animal in the family Canis lupus familiaris grown for its delightful nature and cute looks. The Fineapple animal has a short stout nose and smell is the strongest of it's five senses.

The Fineapple's fur can be smooth and short, long and wavy or can even be thick and fluffy! When the Fineapple develops, the turdyness can reduce however it will continue to look FINE. The Fineapple can come in many different styles and sizes - all as equally impressive and naughty as the next!

Fineapples may reach 30 – 200cm in length and some varieties can weigh up to 117kg! Fineapple originates from the darkest regions of the turdyness land. This species, known as a dog or nuzzler, may act tough in front of other Fineapples but is most likely just a big sook.

Dogdana's come in two sizes - Small/Medium and Medium/Large.

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